Dave Schall, MS, CSCS
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach-Westminster Christian Academy
I have been a health/physical education teacher and coach since 1995. I realized this was what I wanted to do when a coach of mine in high school pulled me aside one day and said that if I want to have a future in the game of soccer, I had to make some changes to how I ate and how I worked out. I said "Just show me what to do." He did and in the span of a few months, I lost over 20 pounds, started playing soccer better, and began to feel better about myself. It was after that experience that I knew I wanted to help others experience the same life changing transformation I did. Over the years, my coaching and teaching roles have taken on many faces, but all have paved the way for me to settle into my current role as a full-time strength & conditioning coach at Westminster Christian Academy......a job I LOVE and know I am called to do.
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