Five Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summer fun can be affordable and right in your own backyard.

School is officially out and summer is in full swing with plenty of warm sunny days and starlit nights.

To help moms and dads fend off the “I’m bored blues,” Patch has put together a great list of ideas for fun things to do with your kids this summer. And, that’s not all; we have included a few of our favorite places to do them.

We have also found some unique outdoor toys that will keep the fun going when you finally “get there”.

So slather on the sunblock, grab your hat and shades and have a blast this summer!

Host a backyard slumber party/sleepover.
Pitch a tent right in your own backyard for a night of squeals and fun. Put a few bottles of water and juice in the cooler and spread a few snacks on the outdoor table and the kids are all set. Don’t forget the music and the ghost stories at night!

Master the jump rope.
Have a jump rope contest with your kids. Invite the neighbor’s kids and get to jumping. This game will keep them busy for a while. They will get plenty of exercise and lots of sleep at bedtime.

Do a little cloud watching.
Head for the park or stay right in your own backyard. Throw down a blanket, lay back and watch the clouds roll by. You can point out the different shapes you see in the clouds to your children. Encourage them to use their imagination and tell you shapes they see. This is a fun pastime that will have you all laughing at the silly things you all see.

Take a swim.
If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your backyard, it’s a no brainer. If not, head for the community pool. Nothing says summer like a day splashing in the water. See our list of unique water toys for more fun and games.

Build a sand castle or just dig your toes in the cool sand.
Sand volley ball courts are great place for the kiddos to play in the sand (when nobody is playing a game, of course.) Several parks around town have sand courts. Or you could build your own sand box in your own backyard. Either way, take turns burying parts of your body, such as feet, legs and hands. Build roads and a city in the sand. Be sure to take toy cars and trucks along with you to “drive” through your sand city.

Here is a list of fun outdoor toys to take along on your day out in the sunshine. All items were found at .

Super Ogodisk by Ogo Sport – Kids can throw, catch and bounce a ball with this toy. It a different spin on the old game of catch. Retail: Super Ogodisk, $45.95; Mini Ogodisk, $30.95

Beamo Flying Hoop – This awesome toy is a new twist on a Frisbee. Throw it back and forth for lots of fun. Retail: 30” Diameter, $20.95; 20” Diameter, $15.95

Slip ‘N Slide – Water fun in your own backyard. Just turn on the hose and slip slide away. Retail: $29.95; Hydroplane Double, $30.95

Light Show Noodle – This noodle is not your parents noodle. It is way cooler than that. The LED’s light up with five different light show modes. It changes colors too. Retail: $20.95

Kidooze Scrunch Bucket – This is perfect to take along to the sand volley ball courts. It flattens for easy travel. Retail: $10.95

Kid’s Tool Kit by Our Garden – Great for playing in the sand or for digging in the dirt. Retail: $6.95

The Original Max Liquidator – This looks like a water noodle, but it is not. It’s a water gun. It blasts water up to 30 feet. Retail: $13.95

Jump Ropes – Play traditional jump rope games or just jump solo. Either way, it is great exercise and tons of fun. Retail: $3.95-$12.95 

Bill Burmeister June 17, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Above all enjoy and spend as much time as possible with your children because they grow up fast and always will remember your times together! Enjoy Father's Day but make every day a special day for your children it brings many rewards for life!!!!!
James Baer June 17, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Bill, you are so right!
Rhonda Weiche June 17, 2012 at 06:11 PM
So true!


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