Best Friends Cool Off and Chill Out at Yogurt Shop

Yogurt is cool and refreshing at Chill in Ladue.

Summer days in June bring everyone outdoors for fun summer activities like summer camp at John Burroughs, a day at the park, swimming at granny’s house or a leisurely day of shopping.

Afterward, very little is more refreshing than a cup of the cold stuff – yogurt that is.

Patch stopped by Chill frozen yogurt shop on Clayton Road in Ladue and found that it was the happening place to “cool” off and “chill” out.

More than a few kids convinced their parents to, “please, please have some yogurt at chill.” As young children often do, they begged and the pleas could be heard a block away.

““I love coming here a lot. My dad said it would be alright if we went here,” said Nicolas Newman. Begging wasn’t necessary; his dad, Andrew Newman, was not that difficult to convince. Maybe a love for Chill is like father like son?

“My favorite is raspberry, but they were out of it. So, I got pink Lemonade,” said Nicholas. His yogurt was topped with butterfinger candy and gummy worms.

When Nicolas and Andrew are not eating yogurt, they spend time together making projects like their latest one, a homemade Nerf gun constructed out of PVC pipe and gorilla glue.

“It shoots about one hundred feet,” said Andrew.

Nicholas and his dad both agree that their homemade version is much better than any they could buy from the store and way fun to make.

After waiting a while for more patrons, a group of adult ladies gathered for girl’s day out. And after they enjoyed lunch at the Women’s Exchange and a little shopping in the boutiques along Clayton Road, they took a rest break to have some yogurt at Chill. These kids-at-heart have been friends since high school. Reluctantly, they told their secret, graduation was in 1974. They still live near each other in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and Woodlawn, Illinois. Their day trip is something they do a couple of times per year.

When asked what was next, all laughed and agreed that more eating was on the agenda for later in the day.

Another group of friends, young ladies who are still in high school and forming close friendships with each other, spent the earlier part of their day at the pool at the St. Louis Country Club. The heat sent them to Chill for their favorite flavor. Their bronzed skin was proof of plenty of sunshine. The girls unanimously said that these are activities they repeat as often as they can – swim, Chill, repeat.

Maybe if they are fortunate enough, they will still have girl’s day out 38 years after they graduate from high school, just like their older counterparts.

James Baer June 17, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Really enjoyed this stop at Chill. All those goodies are just hard to pass up, especially on a very hot June afternoon.


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