Who Will Win Tonight's Game

Cards look to break 2-2 tie with happy flight home.

So we’re knotted at two apiece.

Wouldn’t you just love to know the outcome of tonight’s game? One team gets to go ahead three games to two, with one or two remaining.

I peeked into my desk and found tonight’s script. I’m not telling. You’ll just have to tune in and see if it’s going to be a Happy Flight or not back to Missouri.

The Cardinal bats fell silent just at the wrong time. That kid, Derek Holland, about 16 years old was Cy Young 60 feet, 6 inches from home plate.

Did you catch that little mustache. I didn’t think he was old enough to grow one.

Must of been that pat on the bill of his cap in pre-game by Manager Ron Washington that did the trick. With his dad in the stands, he pitched the game of his life.

White Sox expatriate Edwin Jackson wasn’t bad either, holding the Rangers to one run until the roof caved in with the three-run sixth inning for the home team.

Rally Squirrel, time to crank up your magic.

Good news is: either way, win or lose, the series comes back to Busch for at least game six.

The odds of the home team (Cardinals) running off two consecutive victories is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Wait a minute! By no means am I writing off tonight’s game. The Cardinals have their ace, 36-year-old Chris Carpenter going to the mound. The native of Exeter, N.H. takes a back seat to no one. There are some rumblings about a sore elbow--Carp says he’s fine. A tougher competitor pound for pound you will not find anywhere else.

After all, he’s started 34 games in a lengthy season, and still gets the ball from Tony La Russa tonight.

Good deal.

Cardinal Nation will be glued to their TV sets, minus those lucky enough to be seated in Rangers Stadium in Arlington tonight.

Wish I was there.

If the Cards go on to win the world series, they can thank in part their fellow brethren from the National League who won this year’s All-Star game, giving the locals hometown advantage four games to three.

In 1987, I had the privilege of covering the Cardinals World Series with the Minnesota Twins. The homer hanky Twinky fans raised so much ruckus, the Cards folded like a blanket in four games in Minneapolis. Coincidentally, the Cards won the three home games at the old Busch Stadium downtown.

The noise was so ear splitting, the sound resembled the afterburners of a 747 jetliner taking off.

You cannot say tonight’s game is for “all the marbles.” but coming home 3-2 rather than 2-3 sounds a whole lot better.

We shall have a much better idea by about 10 o’clock tonight.


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