Busch Stadium Cleanest, Wrigley is the Dirtiest, Study Says

The organization, Urine Feces Everywhere examined every park in MLB.

As if Cardinals fans need another reason for total disdain of the Chicago Cubs, the Cubbies' Wrigley Field was recently dubbed the least sanitary stadium in all Major League Baseball.

The Cardinals' Busch Stadium is the "Best of the Best."

That's according to the website, UFE.com (Urine Feces Everywhere).

The site had glowing remarks about Busch Stadium fans.

"What can you say about Busch Stadium when you consider that it was the only park in our survey to get an “A” rating? One hundred percent of the women wash their hands in the restroom, and the men aren’t too shabby when it comes to restroom hygiene, either. Busch Stadium is one of the few parks that the UFE Team would feel comfortable shaking another fan’s hand."

On the other hand..

The north Chicago stadium received this criticism.

“Basically, the facility provides at least thirty men to pee at once, while only a fraction of that number can wash their hands at once”.  Given this pee/wash ratio, the amount of individuals who have potentially harmful bacteria on their hands is very high."


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