Becky Sauerbrunn Blogs From The Summer Olympics

The Ladue High School standout and her U.S. Olympic Soccer teammates have apparently gotten in on the viral video gag.

There is news off the pitch for Team USA at the London Summer Olympics. USATODAY reports that punishment has been handed down for the woman who punched U.S. star Abby Wambach in the team's match against Colombia.

Meanwhile, Ladue High School graduate Becky Sauerbrunn has posted another blog for the website Pitchside Report, a portion which we've excerpted below, where she writes about the challenge of the last game in pool play:

Teams that are mathematically ruled out play for pride, and players who play with a specific kind of freedom knowing there is nothing more to lose can be very dangerous opponents. In contrast, in our match against North Korea on Tuesday, both teams have something to play for and two motivated teams battling it out also has its entertainment.

The team is also the latest to jump on the viral video parody circuit as a way of blowing off Olympic steam. As of Monday afternoon, Team USA's Party In the USA2 had more than 397,000 page views on YouTube.


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