Webb City Cardinals Repeat as Class 4 Show-Me Bowl Champs

Cardinals knock MICDS from undefeated ranks with a 56-42 title win.

If a high school team completes just one pass in a game for a mere 25 yards, that would be indisputable evidence that the team would get destroyed in the game.

That’s hardly so. The Webb City Cardinals completed just one pass for 25 yards but romped over MICDS 56-42 to win the 2011 Show-Me Bowl title at the Edward Jones Dome in downtown St. Louis. It was back-to-back titles for the Cardinals from Southwest Missouri.

Statistically, this was probably one of the most lopsided and bizarre outcomes in the modern era of the game.

Thomas Miltello shredded the Cardinals secondary with a 36 for 46 performance and five TDs. Webb City went in the opposite direction, rushing 478 yards and seven TDs on the ground as a team. Militello established a Missouri State High School record completing 30 consecutive passes in the past three games (the last two in the win over Borgia; a perfect 15 of 15 performance in Farmington and the first 13 in the championship game.) He’d trade in that whole record for the one that just slipped through Jack Howell’s outstretched fingertips on the Webb City 20 with 49 seconds left and that’s where in effect the season ended. The Rams were driving for the tying TD which would have pulled them with in a point at 42-all. For the record, the Rams were planning to go for the two point conversion, should they have tied the game.

Webb City coach John Roderique was mopping his brow at the post media interview. “If you had asked me if all this would have happened to me starting 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Webb City has now tied Valle Ste. Genevieve and Jefferson City for most Show-Me Bowl titles (10 apiece), though the Warriors can move one up with the Class 1 title game later this afternoon.

Roderique, who now has a record of 178-11 earned his seventh Show-Me Bowl title. His team won the 2010 title at the Dome too.

It was a brilliant swan song performance for Militello who will next pick up a football playing at Dartmouth College next fall. He connected on five TDs, finishing his senior year with 44 TDs and more than 3,000 yards of passing.

He fired two beauties to Mac Cornwell, two to Foster Bundy and a solo TD to William Moorehead. The last to Bundy was a highlight performance with Bundy battling his way into the end zone on a 39 yard pass draped with two defenders.

Like against Ladue, where senior Deavin Edwards ran for 386 yards and six TDs, the MICDS defense could not stop the ground game. The Cardinals rushed 40 times for 478 yards. They were supposed to take a knee in victory formation with 48 seconds left in the game but junior running back Phoenix Johnson weaved his way 67 yards quickly through the secondary for the clincher.

Johnson rushed for 192 yards and 2 TDs. Williams scored four times on the ground and the Cardinals left MICDS’s defense gasping for air.

Scherer, in his final game rushed 14 times for 97 yards. His longest run from scrimmage was a 40 yarder..

MICDS can do a lot of things on a football field, but one thing they failed to do in a 14-1 season was beat Webb City.

Mark Wilson November 27, 2011 at 02:58 AM
Neither MICDS nor JBS recruits. This is a fact. Anyone who knows anything about St. Louis area schools knows that. If MICDS recruits, as you say, then shouldn't Burroughs? Trust me, I know what goes on in board meetings, and recruiting athletes is something that does not happen at those schools. They're both good enough as it is academically. They don't need recruits. I agree, the coverage of MICDS is a little overblown on here (Articles about kindergarten art projects? Really?) but we can all agree that both games this weekend were fantastic, and both teams had very successful seasons.
classlessJBS November 27, 2011 at 07:53 AM
@WEBBCITYOWNSMICDS It is embarrassing that you have to go to these measures to voice your immaturity. I don't think JBS or its head football coach would agree with your actions and behavior. You are not only damaging your school's reputation, but you are also destroying the legacy that Mr. Small left behind. 1. Your name displays your ignorance. 2. 40-50 more kids per class? That is 20-25 more boys per class (about 1-3 boys that play football per class) Sounds like more of an excuse to me. 3. One of the starters came to MICDS at the beginning of high school. Another came at the beginning of high school because his brother already attended MICDS. The rest of the starters attended middle school at MICDS. It is almost impossible to predict the athleticism of a child during middle school for its upcoming high school athletic career. Any child can work towards being a starter. All you need is work and effort. It took one year for last year's 5-5 MICDS football team to turn it back to 14-1, and that was through hard work commitment. Furthermore, there are restrictions for players that switch schools in the middle of their high school career. Therefore, your argument for recruiting is useless. 4. The multiplier is complete garbage and only restricts private schools' chances of winning state championship games. The fact of the matter is: MICDS beat JBS with hard work and effort, and JBS beat MICDS with hard work and effort in every game of the long lasting rivalry.
classlessJBS November 27, 2011 at 07:58 AM
"I hate MICDS and am thrilled they lost." You criticize the journalist for being biased yet you yourself are responding with anger with your own bias. This shows you are only angry because the article does not criticize MICDS. You will only be satisfied until MICDS is out right insulted and blasted in an article, highly hypocritical. "If this rag paper cared about journalism, they would investigate MICDS' recruiting habits (today and during Holtman's career). Of course, this is the MICDS Patch so don't expect that anytime soon." Don't get me started on how JBS curves their students grades or give their students "academic help" to make their gpa's look better. Most of the JBS alums I know know that this happens once in a while although not all the time.
RamAThorn November 28, 2011 at 03:18 PM
ACTUALLY.......all the Webb City kids live in ONE district predetermined by MSHSAA whereas your students, if in public would be going to many different schools and not on the same team. So saying double talent pool...please. Webb kids are friends and neighbors they don't get the option to pick where to go. If public school had no district lines and just who could pay tuition the team would be even more loaded....not that it needed to be. So the twice as many doesn't matter. I'll pick 3 high school kids and let you have 11 5th graders on a team so you'll have over twice as many kids. Same comparison as your making. If kids get to pick what school around St. Louis it's easy to collect talent.
flyoverland November 28, 2011 at 04:00 PM
Really? Give me 600 more random kids and I'll bet I can come up with a few players. It also means not as many kids have to play both ways. These kids are not recruited in the 5th grade. That's just absurd. Many of the kids on the team have attended the school since Kindergarden. The real school getting screwed around here is Ladue as more kids who live in the district attend private schools. If Ladue had the MICDS and JBS team players in addition to their own, they would be a powerhouse.


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