St. Joe Moves Into Third Game in Phoenix Undefeated

Angels race past Edgewater Florida, 55-41.

The win streak this season is eight and counting.

The St. Joe Angles had a field day in Phoenix, beating Edgewater, FL 55-41 in the second-round of the Nike Tournament. A total of 64 of the top teams in the nation were invited to this four-day festival.

Maddie Stock led all scorers with 23 points. Sydney Stipansovich had 18 points, 18 rebounds and blocked a whopping 13 shots.

Morgan Stock was in double figures with 10 points.

The Angels meet Holy Cross of Kensington, MD. later today at 4 p.m. our time in the semifinals of their division. They returned from Phonix with a 1-3 record a couple of years ago.

Here are more details of the game from St.L Today.

James Baer (Editor) December 22, 2011 at 11:58 AM
The St. Joe win streak ends at eight. The Angels were tripped by Holy Cross of Maryland 51-36 in the semifinals of the Nike Invitational in Phoenix. Details later.


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