St. Joe Golfer Doing Very Well In A Mostly Male Dominated Sport

Megan Davis lands Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship to the University of Missouri.

Excuse Megan Davis, 18, bubbly senior from St. Joseph’s Academy if she seems like a fish swimming up stream.

Davis, who went to Ascension Parish Grade School in Chesterfield has been caddying at Meadowbrook Country Club since the ninth grade. She still is a girl in an all boys’ bastion.

Her neighbor Tommy, suggested that the two of them go to an informational meeting at Meadowbrook the summer of her eighth-grade year. “The guys at first didn’t like it that I was there. They were a little intimidated,” she recalled clearly, harkening back to the summer of 2009. She is the only girl ever to caddy at Meadowbrook. Members really like her, and often request her services.

Her devotion to the game of golf is paying off in spades.

She was just awarded a full ride Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship to the University of Missouri.

More of that swimming against the tide. The Evans Scholarship house on the Mizzou campus is co-ed, but mostly boys. The house holds 30 boys; 10 girls. No matter, she is eager to experience life on a big time college campus.

Davis is what you’d classify as a motivated high school student. GPA, 3.5, she is a member of the Junior Activities’ Board at St. Joe. This is mainly a leadership type of activity,

This spring, her three-week service project will be conducted at the St. Joseph’s Institute for the deaf. “I love working with children,” she said. Her career path is expected to be in physical therapy. “I love to baby sit children. This summer, I’ve been invited by a family to go to Hawaii and baby sit there,” she said with great anticipation.

Getting the Evans scholarship, in her own words was nerve wracking. “We had to go to Glen Echo (country club) for interviews. I had to get all dressed up. Members of Meadowbrook took time off from work to support me. That was great.”

The competitive field was large. The first cutdown round was to 27 candidates before 10 were finally selected, all going to Mizzou by territorial jurisdictional rules.

A golfer with no recorded handicap but can shoot regularly in the 90s, she knows what’s expected in Columbia.

“You have to keep your grades up and you have to be a member in good standing.”

Davis loves her work at Meadowbrook. Sometimes, they haul her off the course and into the dining room for buser duties. “I’d rather be out of doors,” she said.

Charles "Chick" Evans was an amateur golfer who wanted to give back to the game of golf. He started a movement for these privately-funded scholarships. Davis feels just the same way.

“I want to give back to the community too,” said Davis without batting an eye.

LisaWiZ June 21, 2012 at 06:47 AM
I am bad at golfind, so I might even need tips from her to improve my game. It is amazing how she can do so well in studies as well as a sport which normally is male dominated.


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