Ladue School Community Gathers In Creve Coeur To Celebrate Education Foundation's Success

The Ladue Education Foundation held its annual lunch this week at the West campus in Creve Coeur.

Take your passion for Proposition 1 and pour it into the Ladue Education Foundation. 

That was a message imparted to an audience of community stakeholders at the Foundation's annual lunch event, held at the district's West campus in Creve Coeur, formerly home to Westminster Christian Academy.

Check out a Facebook Photo Gallery From The Event

The event Wednesday marked an opportunity for the foundation to highlight recent success stories, including a pilot program that brought Mandarin language instruction to elementary school students at Reed School that will now be expanded to Old Bonhomme and other elementary schools.

The Ladue Horton Watkins High School Robotics team was on hand to demonstrate its prowess. The team at the high school level was funded in partnership with the Foundation, Monsanto and the Ladue Horton Watkins High School Parent Asociation.

Because of Proposition 1, the April ballot question voters passed in April to boost the district's operating tax levy by $.49, Superintendent Dr. Marsha Chappelow told the audience "we are financially better off than we were lastyear and better off than had we not passed" the levy.

In her "state of the district" address, Dr. Chappelow touched on efforts which will now turn to updating Ladue's facilities master plan, which will mean upgrades at many schools, including the high school, to keep up with an curriculum which will be offered.

That master plan also calls for a new Spoede Elementary School.

Dr. Chappelow also pointed to the efforts at work now to get the West Ladue campus ready to function as a fifth grade center next fall.

The event's keynote speaker was KMOV-TV anchor and reporter Jasmine Huda, a 1997 graduate of Horton Watkins High School. 

Huda talked about how she started in the district in Fourth Grade at Conway Elementary after attending the Rossman School in Creve Coeur. A questionnaire prior to a Ladue Middle School field trip in 8th Grade revealed her interest in journalism, which took her to the University of Michigan, National Public Radio and later KSDK-TV, before moving to KMOV.

flyoverland September 21, 2012 at 04:07 PM
The only thing I didn't see mentioned was the words "tax increase."
dagny taggart September 22, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Just thankful I didn't see the word "voucher"
flyoverland September 22, 2012 at 01:35 PM
If you are wondering why this school district continues to skip along the merry path whistling a happy tune during a recession, it is because they have all received raises courtesy of you, the taxpayers. Teachers make far above the salary of the average Missourian, the Supt. makes more than our Governor. The benefits they enjoy far exceed anything in the real world. Now, after ramming through the recent tax increase (you'll see your bill soon), they appear to be embarking on a campaign to add another $105 million to their already staggering debt load. The story was not clear whether this is the wish list of our many highly paid administrators, or, it the board is on board? Since five of the seven board members are current or former teachers, place your bet. You will also notice they failed to mention this during the campaign for their last tax campaign. I wonder why? While you have not received a raise in years, have seen the value of you house decline, they live in a dream world where the economy is humming along. Get ready for all the usual arguments. It's for the kids. Your home value depends on it. But, they forget to tell you every time the tax rate goes up, it makes it harder to sell your home. They forget to mention that half the people who move here do so to attend private schools. But, they will never forget to send you the bill.


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