Ladue School Board President: 'It's Been an Honor to Serve This Wonderful Community'

Jayne Langsam, who will not seek reelection in the upcoming April 2 election, speaks about her experience with the Ladue School District.

Current Ladue School Board President Jayne Langsam said she believes she had a civic duty to serve the Ladue School District, where her two daughters were educated. Now, as both daughters have graduated, Langsam said a chapter of her life has closed.

“I always said I only planned to serve one term,” Langsam said, speaking of her decision not to run for reelection for the Ladue Board of Education.

But although Langsam only served one term in the board, her involvement in the district spans several years.

Langsam served as president of parent associations at Reed Elementary and Ladue Middle School, where she also served in several school committees. When her daughters enrolled in high school she said it was a “natural progression to be in the school board.”

“For me, it was a matter of being a good role model for my children,” Langsam said.

Langsam said that what she will miss the most is working with school administrators, teachers and her constituents.

“It's been an honor to serve this wonderful community and I wish them well,” she said.

Langsam said she hopes that whoever replaces her will work to build a culture of teamwork.

“There are some challenges: a new leadership structure, a new high school principal, but it’s time to build a strong community between the school and the board and move forward.”


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