Ladue School Board Approves Certified Staff Salary Schedule

New hires will begin at $40,000, a 1 percent increase over last year.

The Ladue School board adopted the salary schedule for all certified staff within the district for the 2013-14 school year. Agreements were reached between the administration and the Ladue Education Association (LEA) representing the teachers.

Salaries for teachers, based on the criteria of evaluation, merit increases, and percentage increases will range from a low of $42,842.44 to a high of $101,542.00.

Increases, on average were 2 percent. Some got higher, some lower. Board member Andy Bresler was pleased. "This way we can give the biggest increases to the highest performers where this does the most amount of good, and still stayed within our budget," he said.

Newly-hired teachers will start at $40,000.00 for the 2013-14 school year. That now puts Ladue in third place among its comparables--Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Clayton and Pattonville.

Retiring Assistant Superintendent Dr. Judy Sclair said this was "clean, clear, structural and out in the sunshine. This is all fair and equitable," she said.

Administrative salaries are raised in similar fashion for the administrative staff.

Dr. Sclair thanked Dr. Jason Buckner, CFO of the district, along with negotiating representatives Dr. Derrick Wallace and Melora Pruneau of Old Bonhomme School for doing all the hard work.


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