Jimmy Winkelmann of South Butt Fame is Going to Harvard

Mizzou junior is enrolled in summer internship program at the Wellman Institute for Bio-Medical Optics.

Remember Jimmy Winklemann of Chaminade? He had his 15 minutes of fame founding and developing the marketing firm South Butt? That merchandising effort helped Winklemann to tweak North Face while piling up some college tuition money.

Winklemann is a third year engineering student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He will be enrolled in the Welmann Institute for Bio-Medical Optics at Harvard University this summer. Winklemann is majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Mizzou and has contributed to cancer diagnostic break through for his work at the Viator Labs where they have devleoped lasers to diagnose early stage metastatic cancer in blood samples.

Winklemann is just one of 12 engineering students in the country to be accepted into this prestigious internship. He is  2009 graduate of Chaminade and a resident of Frontenac.

flyoverland March 25, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Great family. Great kid. Congratulations.
Arianna Flethcer November 26, 2012 at 01:18 AM
He is not a great kid..I tried to order something from his "website" for my young daughter that I obviously never got. I complained to him via email one time. After that he stalked me, found out what I did for work, where I worked, the personal background of myself and my two daughters. He then threatened the safety of my girls and stated that "wouldn't it be terrible if you left work at (---) to try and go home to your girls then suddenly got hit by a car..the city can be ruthless"..I never mentioned in my order or complaint the state,city or business that I worked for..he is a terrifying bully who will rip off his own mother,sister,daughter or wife if given the chance
Jim Winkelmann March 08, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Arianna - if that is your real name. What kind of yarn are you spinning? Jimmy is a 22 year old honor student at Mizzou in biomedical engineering, he studies about 60 hours per week. I handle all of the orders for him. Your allegations are completely baseless and in fact are slanderous. I checked all of the orders and your name shows up no where. I understand that you might be envious of Jimmy's success - but aren't you taking things a bit too far in your attempt to discredit him? I do hope the moderator of this blog deletes your post.


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