Home in the Dome: Oak Hill students get inside up close and personal

Elementary school students spend time studying the Earth inside a real dome.

Students at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School are gaining a perspective on science as they take part in activities with National Nutrition month in March.

The highlight of the week was a trip to the Earth Balloon, a 20 foot in diameter inflatable model of the Earth where students were able to enter as a team and learn from Steven Jansen, director of the Geographic Society of Chicago.

For a half hour, Jansen presented facts and figures how the World is shaped by volcanoes, earth quakes, the movement of teutonic plates, the flow of ice and other forms of change in nature.

The children were fascinated about the trip to the dome inside the school’s gymnasium.

As part of nutrition month, students sampled what children eat in far-flung countries like France, India, Uganda and Brazil.

Here’s a video and photographic tour of the dome with Melissa Schneeberger’s sixth grade class this week.


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