Burroughs Gifted Zeke Elliott Has Speed to Burn

He could make a difference in the Ohio State offense one year from now.

Ezekiel Elliott of John Burroughs is a gifted athlete. He is the fastest person on two feet on both a football field and an oval track. He's already scored 8 touchdowns this year. And he makes it look so easy.

"It looks like he's not even running out there," said his coach Gus Frerotte moments after the Bombers got done destroying Lutheran South 35-0 earlier this week in a game cut short by thunder and possible lightning.

Elliott clearly dominated the Class 3 state track meet last spring, bringing home championships in both the hurdles and the sprints.

Inbetween those seasons, he stars in basketball too. He worked from a gigantic list of prospective football programs before casting his lot last spring with the Ohio State University. He could be a difference maker for the Buckeyes.

Ellliott is as good a prospect as was Jeremy Maclin from Kirkwood who starred at Mizzou, then headed to the NFL with the Phildelphia Eagles after a brief stay  in Columbia.

Enjoy this brief video on U-Tube to show you how Zeke Elliott is so easly able to bring down opponent's defenses.

John Galt September 06, 2012 at 12:06 AM
I like his tights ;)


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