ABC All League Selections For The Final Time

MICDS, Burroughs dominate offensive and defensive selections.

MICDS and John Burroughs dominated the selections on the final ABC League all league selections. Quietly, the group will officially morph into the Metro Conference next season.

The Rams of MICDS, runners-up in the Class 4 Show-Me Bowl placed nine players on offense and defense on the first team and seven on the second team.

The Burroughs Bombers, runners-up in the Class 3 Show-Me Bowl placed five on the first unit, and six on the second.

Dominating stars are Mizzou bound Michael Scherer and Dartmouth bound Thomas Militello of MICDS; Todd Hearnes, Peter Schlafly, Scherer and Denzell Conway and Burroughs standouts Ezekiel Elliott and Nathan Adams on offense, and Christian Bledsoe, Bear Kaminer and Foye Oluokun on defense.

Scherer rushed for 28 TDs and 172 points, fourth best in the area. He picked up 1,324 yards rushing and 24 TDs and had 22 catches for 370 yards and four more TDs. Defensively, he had 68 tackles, 24 assists for 92 points.

Militello completed 232 of 229 passes for 70 percent for 3,400 yards and 44 TDs.

Senior Burroughs quarterback Davey Holmes completed 64 percent of his passes for 2,403 yards and 32 TDs.

Ezekiel Elliott, a junior rushed for 1,802 yards and 42 total TDs.

Here’s the entire ABC League All League team, Offense first:

First team:

Quarterback Thomas Militello, MICDS; running backs Ezekiel Elliott, Burroughs and Ryan Moore, Lutheran North. Wide receivers: Nathan Adams, Burroughs, Foster Bundy, MICDS, Jack Howell, MICDS and Anthony Virdure, Lutheran North. Linemen: Daniel Boothman, Lutheran South, Chris Hiemenz, MICDS, Jon Kelley Lutheran South, Jack Kurzu, MICDS and Demetrious Mosley, Lutheran North.

Second team:

Quarterback Davey Holmes, Burroughs; running backs Thomas Raybuck, Priory, A.J. Washington, MICDS, and Isaiah Laster, Principia. Wide Receivers: Christian Beckerie, Lutheran South, Conrad Bollinger, Principia and Jeremy Dehn, Lutheran South: Linemen, Steven Akre,MICDS, Solo Ceesay, Burroughs, John Houser, Priory, Griff Palan, Burroughs and Brian Vaporean, Priory.

ABC League, All Legue team, Defense:

First team:

Defensive line: Todd Hearns, MICDS, Steve Kaline, Lutheran South, Peter Schlafly, MICDS and Fernando Whitham, Lutheran Nortyh. Linebackers: Christian Bledsoe, Burroughs, Bear Kaminer, Burroughs, and Michael Scherer, MICDS. Safeties: Denzell Conway, MICDS, and Seve Esparrago, Priory. Cornerbacks, A.J. Hicks, Lutheran North, and Foye Oluokun, Burroughs. Punter: Dalton Schumer, Lutheran South, kicker Conner Buenger, Lutheran North and returner: Nathan Dehn, Lutheran South.

Second team:

Defensive line: Chris Brothers, MICDS and Reed Brown, Lutheran South. Linebackers:Joel Cardin, Lutheran North, Jemiok Farson, Principia, Sam Hefler, Burroughs and Collin Palmer, MICDS. Safeties: Sean Bartlow, Lutheran South and Peter Schnuck, Burroughs. Cornerbacks: Bobby Davis, Lutheran South and Clark Rogers, MICDS. Punter: Otie George, MICDS, kicker: Rushil Sheth, Burroughs, returners: Denzell Conway, MICDS, Seve Esparrago, Priory and Anthony Virdure, Lutheran North.

Mark Wilson December 17, 2011 at 01:14 AM
Trash? Militello has the state record for most consecutive completions and went toe-to-toe with Webb City. Not exactly trash.
L. Rocca December 18, 2011 at 04:27 AM
If 1st in stl metro area in TDs, 2nd in passing yardage and a 70% completion rate is trash, what does that make the 100 or so other QBs in stl? MICDS up by over 35 with a running clock 2 posssessions into the 3rd qtr against JBS didn't hurt Militello's chances against Holmes, who turned in an outstanding year for the Bombers. Zeke and Nathan Adams were nice weapons, too.
Jim Holmes December 19, 2011 at 08:45 PM
This is silly. As the father of #13 for Burroughs I probably paid closer attention to these QB stats than just about anyone. Although Davey had a storybook season in his first year ever playing quarterback, Thomas Militello had a season for the record books, is a great kid and fully deserves every accolade he has received! Dartmouth is very lucky to have him on their team and on their campus next fall. The community was very lucky to have two outstanding teams playing in the Show Me Bowl on the same weekend. Who is John Galt? (Oh, now I get the literary reference – very clever…)
James Baer December 20, 2011 at 02:22 AM
Hats off to Jim Holmes. I bet you learned one big lesson. You and others cannot control some minority voices even from your own camp.
John Galt December 20, 2011 at 06:08 PM
"Jim Holmes" aka James Baer. Nice try.


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