Walking Tour of the Proposed New Olivette City Hall

20,000 square feet will provide adequate space for police department, administrative offices, courts, council chamber and other needs of a modern city.

On August 7, voters will go to the polls in Olivette to decide the future of the city. They will be voting on two bond issues, totaling more than $12 million dollars for Public Safety and for Parks. They are known as propositions "S" and "P."

Mike McDowell, city manager, and Rick Knox, police chief walked through the proposed facility at 1101 Executive Parkway (adjacent to Olive Street) to explain exactly how the space will be used should the voters approve these issues.

The existing City Hall at 9473 Olive Street, just 12,000 square feet and purchased in the 1950s has long outlived its useful purpose. That building is far too small for the existing fire house, does not meet many ADA requirements and is not earth quake proof and sprinklers do not cover the entire building.

Once the new city hall becomes fully operational, the existing structure will come down, making way for a brand new four-bay modernized fire department.

Proposition “S” authorizes $9,365,000 of City of Olivette General Obligation bonds to relocate the City Hall and Police Station and to build a new fire station in the current City Hall location. The primary focus of this proposition is improving public safety facilities and capacity for Olivette residents and businesses.

Proposition “P” authorizes $3,020,000 of City of Olivette General Obligation bonds to redevelop and rebuild Warson Park for a comprehensive outdoor athletic and recreation complex.

The two bond referendums are separate from each other and require separate majority votes of four-sevenths in order to pass.

The bond elections will be held in connection with statewide primaries on August 7. Polls will be open at Olivette voting locations from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 pm. on that date.

This is Olivette's Prop "S" and Prop "P" website.

Cornet of Horse July 24, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Bag the independent Fire and Police!!! Olivette needs to join with other muncipalities, and think REGIONALLY because it makes sense!!! Don't build the new facility, think what could be done with that kind of bread.... We can contract for fire and police REGIONALLY. We have nice fire and police, but an independent fire and police dept is needed about as much as the U.S. Military needs horse cavalry. Heigh Ho goes your Silver!!! Hold off on the Fire/Station/Police whoop de do and think this through
James name August 08, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Its actually cheaper and much much more effictive to have our own police and fire department and this would have been enough of an upgrade that we would go 30 to 50 years before they start asking for some minor upgrades


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