Vote Early, Vote Often in Frontenac

Aldermen Tom Hizer able to vote twice on same bill with quirk in the rules.

History was darn near made at the Frontenac Board of Aldermen meeting on March 20.

Ward 3 Aldermen Tom Hizer took advantage of the rare opportunity to vote twice on the same bill dealing with solid waste disposal.

Like pundits sometimes say, “vote early and vote often.”

Seems that for the first time in modern history (or least during this term) Mayor Keith Krieg was out of town and unavailable to run the meeting. He was away in Florida on business. No one could ever recall Krieg missing a scheduled meeting before.

In stepped Hizer to run things. After much discussion and some meandering from the topic, the board voted on the bill and they were deadlocked at three for and three against. The main issue for discussion before the board was dropping one of 12 pages in the bill, that particular page dealing with the location of composts in a homeowners yard.

Hizer voted to eliminate that page, then went back and voted as acting mayor, again yea, and the deadlock was broken and the bill passed.

City Attorney Kevin O’Keefe did not have to study Robert’s Rules of Order. He knew stone-cold the rules at hand, Hizer could vote twice on the same bill according to O’Keefe.

Alderman John Levis, Ward 3 took strong objection. “At least, you could move chairs to take that second vote,” said Levis.

Hizer did not switch chairs and cast the deciding vote. ”Call it a virtual reality vote,” said Hizer with a slight grin.

In more routine business, the board approved a contract with the City of Crystal Lake Park (a city land-locked by Frontenac) to continue providing financial oversight services, office space and shared services and minor street maintenance. Chief Financial Officer Julie O’Guinn will continue to provide financial oversight with help from part-time Crystal Lake clerks.

Frontenac continues to offer police, fire and ambulance service to Crystal Lake Park under contractual agreements.

The Ladue School District Superintendent Dr. Marsha Chappelow made a brief appearance before the board. She reminded those on the board of the upcoming Prop 1 .49 cent tax levy on the ballot April 3, and briefly reviewed the consequences should the tax levy not pass. A 50.1 percent majority is required for passage.

History will reflect that only Hizer, not Mayor Krieg ever voted twice on the same issue in the City of Frontenac.


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