Old Bonhomme Road Will be Rebuilt From End to End

Construction will continue until completion sometime in 2013.

Old Bonhomme Road, stretching some two miles from the University City line to Olive Street through the southern end of Olivette has shown its age. The street is literally falling apart; curbs and guttering are in disrepair and the sidewalks are pretty bad.

So bad that Olivette has secured $2 million dollars in funding to rebuild the aging road from end to end.

Old Bonhomme is clearly the most traveled arterial road outside of Olive Street in Olivette. During the rebuild of Highway 64-40 and during the rebuild of the I-170 bridge at Olive Street, the meandering one-lane road was literally turned into a parking lot.

Volz Engineering surveyors, the city's surveying and consulting firm are already on the road, locating flags in yards along the route. The actual construction phase will be completed during 2013. Right now preliminary work is underway.

During the construction phase, many stretches of Old Bonhomme will be one-lane with signal men routing traffic around road crews.

In addition to new curbs and gutters, sidewalks will be rebuilt from four feet in width to five feet.

The top wearing surface of the entire roadway will be stripped away and a new asphalt surface will be built into place. The Volz Engineering work will be used in the first phase of gathering concept plans. Members of Olivette will have the opportunity to review plans to make comments at the appropriate sessions.

The residents who live along Old Bonhomme Road will feel some pain, but will experience plenty of gain, sometime during 2013.


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