Ladue Police Chief Cautions Residents to Be Aware of Severe Heat Conditions

Fire department will run calls for anyone who loses their air conditioning.

Chief Rich Wooten's message to Ladue residents:

Due to the heat and dry conditions, extreme caution must be used with regards to any usage of fireworks, opening burning and even cigarette smoking. Please make sure all cigarettes are extinguished and disposed of in the proper location.

Please remember that fireworks and open burning are prohibited in St. Louis County and are prohibited by the City of Ladue’s Ordinance Code.

It should also be mentioned that anyone that needs to work out doors needs to remember to stay hydrated. Residents should be utilizing their air conditions.

Every year the City of Ladue Fire Department will run a call in which the air conditioner is not being used or working properly and there are extreme heat conditions in the residence.

Please check on family members, neighbors and the elderly to ensure that they are staying cool.


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