Ladue Elects New Mayor

Tony Bommarito Piles Up Big Win over Newcomer Mary Berner 1,488 votes to 538 votes.

Ladue's residents have spoken loudly and clearly for another two years. Veteran council member Anthony M. "Tony" Bommarito compiled an impressive victory over his challenger, newcomer Mary Berner 1,488 votes (74 percent) to 538 votes (26 percent).

This is after Berner walked to 2,000 homes in Ladue to try and change the outcome of the race. Bommarito was out of town and unavailable for comment at the conclusion of the balloting.

Berner took her defeat in stride. "We had a hard fought campaign. Of course I am very disappointed with the outcome. I ran what I believed to be the best campaign for the people of Ladue. I am committed to starting tomorrow to do what I can to make things best for the city of Ladue. I was able to make a lot of good contacts through this campaign.

"I congratulate Mr. Bommarito on his victory and I will support him and I hope the people of Ladue get behind him to move the city forward," said Berner.

Berner was a little surprised by the margin of victory. Just Sunday, two days before the polling places opened, she held a public forum at Ladue High School with upwards of 80 residents in attendance. From the line of questioning that she got, she felt she was in a strong position to make this a serious race.

Bommarito is a long-time resident of Ladue, and has served on the City Council for a decade. He enjoyed overwhelming support from residents of all ages living in the community.

Brooks Parriott, who was stationed outside the polling place at Ladue High School encouraging people to vote for Bommarito, signed on to be a campaign volunteer because he and his family have known Bommarito for a long time and he liked what he heard the candidate say when he attended campaign functions. “I went to Truffles when he held a meet-the-candidate event as well as a function at the home of Mimi and Charlie Hiemenz,” Parriott said.  “Tony talked about some innovative ideas and how he could apply what he’s learned in the restaurant business to running the city.” 

The Bommarito campaign held a dinner at Truffles on Tuesday night. Supporters said they were happy he won but didn’t want to be interviewed. The campaign staff could not be reached for comment.

Three residents won uncontested races for positions on the Ladue City Council.

In Ward 1, Art Bond was unopposed and gathered 437 votes (98 percent) with nine votes written in (2 percent).

In Ward 2, the win went to returning council member John R. Fox with 498 votes (98 percent) and six votes written in (one percent).

In Ward 3, Nancy F. Spewak continues her seat on the council with 521 votes (98 percent) and write ins 7 for one percent.

James Baer (Editor) April 06, 2011 at 04:40 AM
Congratulations to Tony Bommarito, the next Mayor of Ladue. Bommarito has enormous experience, having served on the City Council for a decade and will help Ladue move forward with his vast knowledge of the workings of government.
J April 06, 2011 at 02:06 PM
To truly win in life is not a score or record. It's being a good person. Owning every action that is yours. Overlooking the odds in money or name and staring at them square in the face and saying screw you, I'm going to do my homework and be great anyway. The audacity of the the Bommarito campaign to shun public forum with Mary Berner, coupled with the incidences of her signs being taken out of yards including mine.. Leave me to wonder. Will the mayor's office in Ladue actual tackle the problems of Ladue that Mary has revealed or will the Mayor's office be ran remotely from a beach in Europe as we continue to put our heads in the sand and watch businesses close? I can only wish everyone the best. I have no doubt Mary woke up today and is figuring out how she can still help.. Because well, she thinks like that. No matter what the score was last night, Mary Berner is a winner.


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