Holiday Walk in Ladue Puts Locals in the Mood to Shop

Who needs Black Friday when Ladue shops host the Holiday Walk?

The scent of warm apple cider and cookies filled the air at , and wine and hors d’ oeuvres were served at and other participating stores during the Holiday Walk along Clayton Road in Ladue.

Many of the shops and boutiques that line both sides of Clayton road participated in this annual event which historically is held the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

“We have had a steady stream of traffic. It is going great,” said Maddie Scarfino about the success of the Holiday Walk. Scarfino works for Vie, a lady’s boutique.

Merchants offered discounted pricing on merchandise that tempted even the most frugal to let go of some green stuff on Christmas gifts for their friends and family and with the savings many of them bought a little something for themselves.

Friends Chrissy Butz and Judy Stith know that two heads are better than one and four arms and hands are definitely better than two when shopping with a seven month old baby. They devised a plan, each would hold baby Maggie Stith while the other shopped. When I caught up with them at the western inspired boutique, Giddy Up Jane, Stith was at the counter paying for her purchase. She said it was an early Christmas present “from me to me.” I like her style.

Amy Huber, employee of Giddy Up Jane said, “It has been so busy. It’s been a good night for Giddy Up Jane.” The store was full of ladies when I was there. 

Friends Ann Sherrod and Maureen Olivastro shopped at Vie with a mission, to find Christmas gifts for their daughters. Olivastro had Before and After t-shirts picked out for her daughters. “My friend owns the company that makes these. That is why I am here.” Before and After is brand offered by local entrepreneur, Elizabeth Glazer.

Mother and daughter, Susan and Abby Schweig hope that coming to the Holiday Walk would get them more in the Christmas spirit. They strolled from shop to shop. It seemed as though I was following them. It became a bit of a joke.

Provence, a gifts boutique that has a large Fleu de lis selection was busy hosting two events, the Holiday Walk and a fundraising event for a local chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

There were several Gamma’s shopping as well as patrons for the Holiday Walk.

Ashley Benson said, “I am impressed with the selection. There are so many different things to choose from.”

The consensus from all was that the Holiday Walk was a success. Everybody enjoyed being in the moment. Afterall, Christmas is just around the bend. Everyone shopped for gifts for family, friends, roommates and in-laws.

Do in-laws count as family?

Rhonda Weiche November 22, 2011 at 01:31 AM
Thanks for voting. Would love to see more opinions on the in-laws and the holidays.
James Baer (Editor) November 22, 2011 at 01:39 AM
85 percent of the voters said in-laws are part of the family, and only 14 percent said no.


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