Geyer Road Bridge is Out of Service for 60 Days

City obtained a federal grant to pay for a portion of the project.

Information was provided by Bob Shelton, city administrator for the City of Frontenac.

The Geyer Road bridge in Frontenac closed Monday August 20, eliminating all through vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The City of Frontenac contracted with Kozeny Wagner who has sixty days to reopen the bridge.  Frontenac Public Works Director Jeff Wappelhorst stated “the bridge was in need of replacement and the only way to accomplish the work was complete removal which required road closure.” 

Police Chief Tom Becker cautions bicyclists and pedestrians that the entire area surrounding the bridge is a No Trespassing Zone.  The construction area has been posted and is dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Neighboring residents have also requested no cut through of their yards to get across the creek which is trespassing and will be enforced.  Wappelhorst also stated the creek area contains utilities such as gas, electric, water and sewer which are being relocated as part of the project and could be dangerous for pedestrians. 

Detour routes are clearly marked at Clayton Road and Manchester Road   and Lindbergh Boulevard on the east and Ballas Road on the west to access either end of Geyer Road.


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