Frontenac Tax Rate Pretty Much Unchanged From Last Year

Board of Aldermen approve current tax rate, enter into leaf vacuuming agreement.

St. Louis County just finalized its tax numbers September 15, and on the heels of that, the City of Frontenac has approved its tax rate to be assessed and collected for each $100 of assessed valuation for the fiscal year.

The good news is, this is a non-property assessment year in Missouri, and Frontenac’s rate is almost identical to last year,

The Frontenac Board of Aldermen set the rate at $.4900 per one hundred dollars for residential property and $.5340 per one hundred dollars for commercial property and $.4430 for personal property.

The increase is 1/10 of one cent per hundred dollars of assessed valuation which is estimated to generate $6,668 in total additional revenue.  If divided evenly among all of the 1,385 residential properties it would come to $4.81 per home, but that amount will vary based on the assessed value of the home.  The rate is going from .489 cents to .49 cents.

“This is a great rate and we’d like to keep it where it is today,” said alderman Mike Schoedel.

The taxes collected are set to produce revenues to fund the city’s budget for the fiscal year starting, July 1, 2012 under legal restrictions imposed under the Hancock Amendment in the Missouri Constitution.

The city also entered into a an agreement to continue with Hendel Lawn Care to vacuum leaves from homes this fall and winter. Hendel was low bidder and slightly less than they were one year ago.

The board authorized the mayor to enter into a contract for the 3 Huntleigh Downs Storm and Road Crossing and Bluespring and Vouga North Storm Improvements Project.

Fire Chief Jack Trout reviewed the updated emergency operations manual for the city. The city has all the documentation in place for emergency aid, should they be struck by a major storm such as a tornado or earth quake.


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