Engineering Work Approved on Ladue City Sidewalks, Bridges and Roadways

McKnight Road is getting a facelift, including an overlay, two bridges and sidewalks.

Engineering work for new sidewalks on some of Ladue’s busiest roads was approved at the city council meeting Monday. Families will soon have a safer walk along McKnight Road.

Funds to support engineering design and engineering work for storm water drainage, road overlay, two bridges and sidewalks were approved Monday at the Ladue City Council meeting.

Fifteen engineering firms submitted a bid for the capital improvement projects prior to Monday’s meeting. Three were interviewed by Ladue Public Works officials.  Officials selected Homer and Shifrin, Inc. Engineers to complete the engineering work.  Four separate contracts with Horner and Shifrin were approved by the city council at Monday’s meeting.

A contract with Horner and Shifrin in the amount of $248,817.87 for engineering work related to the mill and overlay of Litzinger road was approved unanimously. Included in the bid was a proposal for engineering work related to a sidewalk that will stretch form Daniel Road to South McKnight Road.

A separate contract was approved with Horner and Shifrin for $45,000.00 for engineering services related to the design of sidewalks along South McKnight road. The sum of $120,000.00 was proposed, but not approved. The council stated they were more comfortable to begin the project with an amended contract for the lesser amount. The city council stated their intent to sign contracts at a later time for the remainder of the $120,000.00 proposed.

An amended contract with Horner and Shifrin for the sum of $60,000.00 was also approved by the city council. The cost will cover engineering design for the north bridge on South McKnight Road. A total of two bridges will be replaced. Originally, only one bridge was proposed. At the discovery that federal funding will pay for 80 percent of all cost related to the roadway, bridges and sidewalks, the council approved construction on both bridges.

A separate contract for $5,000.00 with Horner and Shifrin was approved for engineering services related to the TIP grant application for sidewalks and roadway improvements along South Price Road.

Contracts with Horner and Shifrin approved at Monday’s meeting total $358,817.87 with $75,000.00 more to be approved at a later date.

A budget was set prior to Monday’s meeting for $103,000.00 for Roadway improvements and $14,000.00 for Storm water work to be done in 2012. No money was budgeted for sidewalks. Dennis Bible, Director of Public Works for the City of Ladue made known to the council during Monday’s meeting that the city is $31,000.00 short for capital improvements because the cost of engineering fees for the sidewalks on McKnight Road were not originally included in the budget.

Bible explained there were unused funds from the purchase of a vehicle and a completed capital improvement project that can offset the deficit in funds not included for the McKnight Road project. The unused funds total approximately $28,000.00. With the found money, the city still needs an additional $3,000.00 to pay for engineering costs related to the unbudgeted sidewalks. Bible stated that there are other capital improvement projects that should come in under budget. The $3,000.00 needed for the sidewalks could possibly come from those projects.

In addition to contract approvals, the city council discussed with a representative from Horner and Shifrin the possibility of a widened shoulder for a bike lane in lieu of sidewalks. Sidewalks are raised above the road, but the widened shoulder and bike lane is not, which could pose safety issues for pedestrians. The Horner and Shifrin representative was unsure "if the funds from MoDot can be used" for a bike lane because of safety issues. Discussion will continue as more information is available.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of a 2012 Ford F-150 pickup truck from Lou Fusz Ford for the net cost of $20,274.00 and the purchase of a 2012 Dodge Charger patrol vehicle from Lou Fusz Chrystler at a net cost of $16,248.00.

Also approved was the purchase of a thermal imaging camera from Franco Fire for the ambulance at a cost of $13,912.00.

More business, Old Warson Country Club’s application for renewal of their liquor license to sell intoxicating liquors by the drink, with Sunday sales was approved by the council unanimously.


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