Candidates Discuss Government Spending, Debt During GOP Debate

U.S. Congressman Todd Akin and former Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman debated Tuesday at the Missouri Athletic Club West.

Between 30 and 40 people attended the KTRS-AM/St. Louis Beacon-sponsored GOP Senatorial debate Tuesday. Congressman Todd Akin and former Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman participated in the event. Both politicos hope to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill as Missouri’s senator.

Absent from the event was John Brunner, a third candidate vying for the Republican nomination. Organizers invited Brunner to participate in the event, but he declined. They kept a space for him in case he decided to show.

The debate was cordial for the most part—with a single moment of accusations between the two candidates at the end. Steelman accused Akin of waffling on issues, having voted yes for a bill in Congress and then no on the same bill.

Akin said once a bill goes from the House to the Senate, it changes drastically. He then said if Steelman had done her homework, she would realize that.

After the debate, Steelman said she wish they had discussed debt, jobs and spending more. Akin, however, was pleased with the issues moderators selected.

“You can only do so much in an hour. Whatever people are interested in is OK with me," Akin told Patch.


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