Who Burned the Bear in Frontenac?

Someone torched the decorative totem pole bear on North Geyer Road.

Some one or a group vandalized the decorative totem pole bear at 2302 N. Geyer Rd. in Frontenac sometime early in the morning of June 14. The base of the bear was torched and the designer thinks it can be restored to its original state. The Frontenac Fire Department extinguished the fire around 5 a.m.

The bear is situated at the front of the property of Terry and Tina Crouppen in Frontenac. Terry Crouppen is the principal owner along with Steve Brown with the law firm of Brown & Crouppen in downtown St. Louis.

The bear stands some 10-12 feet in height. The Crouppens were away on vacation in Paris when they got a call from their nephew who was house sitting at the time of the fire.

“I know this was probably done by some kids and it was a prank, but they need to know the seriousness of arson,” said Tina Crouppen. The Crouppens purchased the home four years ago, next month. They have a similar decorative totem pole in the backyard of their home.

The Crouppens are offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who torched the bear.

The bear was created several years ago by chain saw artists S.D. and JoAnn Robinson from Montgomery City, Mo.

Frontenac police have no new information on this case, according to Sgt. Tim Barnett of the police department. “But it’s still an open case,” he said.

If anyone has information concerning the fire that took place June 14, call 314-740-4600 or the Frontenac police at 314-994-9300.


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