Photos of the Car Crash at Ladue's Deer Creek Coffee

We had the story about the car that smashed through a window at the local coffee shop. Here's the pictures, courtesy of the owner.

Deer Creek Coffee owner Marcy Williams shared these photos with Patch after yesterday's...mishap, when an older female driver who became confused smashed through the plate glass window at the front of the store.

The wreck happened at about noon on Monday and closed the store briefly while inspecters made sure the building was safe. Nobody was seriously hurt in the accident.

Deer Creek posted today on its Facebook page: "We've received word that the driver of the car who hit the cafe suffered only cuts and bruises and she'll be okay. We are so grateful no one was seriously injured."

Williams told Patch she was unsure yet how she would remodel the corner of the building wrecked by the accident. A bar stretched along the window and she was doubtful she would replace it; she pointed out where the car had torn parts of the floor up when it took out the bar.

Deer Creek Coffee is open for business as usual.

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