Take a Deep Breath and Just Stop Stressing Out

Your friends just might be tired of hearing the details of the application process?

College. Ever daunting. Ever present. Ever intimidating.  As we shell out essay after essay, we come ever closer to the thing that we strive for most: the acceptance letter.

Some of us have already begun to receive these life-changing pieces of paper from the state schools, but others are still waiting as the early decision deadline approaches.

There is a little bit of fun within the application process, though.  College visits make it all worthwhile.  Walking around the campus, feeling the atmosphere, seeing the college students so at home at the school...it inspires extra effort in the paperwork.

Here’s something else that lessens the stress: stop bringing it up with your friends.  Spending every lunch period discussing how much you’ve done, how much you have left to do, and how badly you need financial aid only makes you realize the truth in all of those things.  Go back to the good old days of junior year when you would talk about TV shows and movies, concerts and how much fun you had just hanging out the weekend before.

As of now, there is nothing that you can do to quicken the notification of whether or not you got in and whether or not you got the scholarships so stop worrying about it!  Blast some music and dance around in your room (it’s okay, no one’s watching).  Sit down with your favorite book or that book that you’ve been wanting to read since this summer.  Take a walk before it gets too cold; this sixty degree weather has been really nice and it’ll be gone before we know it.  Rake the newly fallen leaves that have been slowly taking over your lawn.  Do anything, just stop stressing.

Tamara Duncan November 02, 2011 at 02:14 PM
My son deals with senior stress by beating on his drums. His kit is in the basement, so sometimes it rattles the whole house. I don't mind so much, but his dad's stress levels aren't faring so well.


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