One, Two Games Left in the Cardinals Season?

Take your pick. Hoisting the 11th World Series flag still in the realm of possibilities.

All I know for sure is that this has been one crazy, zany season for our home town St. Louis Cardinals. The only think you can count on is-nothing.

Ten and a half games out in August, I was cursing Tony La Russa, and the Birds who were left for dead on the scrap heap.

Tony said on KMOX one Sunday morning in August, his team was going to finish strong. Now, I was really mad. Here, they’d been messing around all season long and he’s touting an a flourish at the end. I was wondering what he’d been smoking?

He knew something, the rest of us had no clue of.

As if a Rally Squirrel and a tortoise and miscommunicated bullpen phone calls and Albert Pujols calling his own hit and run play wasn’t enough, one has to wonder if there’s any tricks left up the sleeve of this future Hall of Fame manager?

Here’s what I hope for. A long, steady protracted rain storm to wash out game six of the series. With Adam Wainwright lost for the entire season, Chris Carpenter is the only reliable starter we can count on. He needs another day’s rest should and if the Birds make it to game 7 of the World Series.

Extended rain saved a World Series championship for the Ballwin American Legion championship team, way back in 1971.

The finals of the American Legion World Series in Memphis were shoved back a day due to non-ending rain, giving Balllwin star pitchers their innings back and some rest, and the second chance at life.

The odds of the Cards running off two wins at home? Pretty good. They’ve scaled that hill ( notice, I didn’t call it a mountain) before.

Winning two games in front of 48,000 impartial fans is still a real possibility. Call it what you want, but there are no more home games for the AL Rangers.

I did see this script before. The Cards won the three in-between games with the Minnesota Twins in 1987, only to drop all four contests in the Metro Dome that year.

I do know baseball is a game by the numbers: Birds were 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position last night.

  • They left 12 (far too many runners) on base
  • Albert Pujols was walked four times (three times intentionally)
  • Texas sent 8 batters to the plate in the fateful eighth
  • The Cards have hit into a National League record-setting 169 double plays
  • The Cards were issued 9 walks and scored just 2
  • The Rangers need 1 win; the Cards 2

So there you have. Rally Squirrel, go do laps around the Stan Musial statue. I know one thing: It’s never over until the fat lady sings, and she’s hasn’t even warmed up yet.

How about 24 hours of cold rain, then clearing skies and an 11th World Series title.

The late-great Jack Buck might have said it this way:"Go crazy folks, that's a winner-a World Series winner."


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