Moms Talk: How Do You Cover For a Missing Blankie?

When you're on a road trip and realize that a child's treasured blanket is missing, do you go shopping for a new one, bribe him or try a different approach entirely?

This week, we're exploring a hypothetical (though from our experience entirely plausible) scenario involving things kids treasure and family road trips. We're hoping some St. Louis parents out there can share their suggestions.

Say you've headed out on a road trip to the Ozarks with your spouse and three kids. You are within a stone's throw of your destination when one of your children reminds you that his blankie got left at home. What's more, he's mad—he tells you that if you don't go back to retrieve it, he's going to throw a fit all weekend.

So onto today's question: How do you convince your child that everything will be all right? Do you head to the outlet mall for some power shopping, offer him a bribe or take another approach?

Laura Falk June 29, 2011 at 12:57 PM
Well, we did leave "blankie" at home once. Luckily, my 2-year-old was flexible enough to substitute another blanket. If that hadn't worked, I would have probably "bribed" him with something that he wouldn't ordinarily get to play with/sleep with. I realize this wouldn't work for every child!
Jayne Langsam June 29, 2011 at 08:35 PM
Leaving a blanket at home is very anxiety provoking for both the child and the parent. I would not try to trick the child, children know by the feel and smell, their blanket. I would try different subsitutes that I already have, then go out and buy something that may work for them. (This could happen again, good to have a substitute comfort item.) Remember, hopefully this is a time limited problem. Good Luck.
Martha Baur June 30, 2011 at 07:38 PM
Definitely hit the store and find a substitute. Then I'd do my best to make sure my child had a fun-filled day so that she falls asleep right when her head hits the pillow. If you're ever looking for a way to transition from the blankie...my 2 oldest have "donated" theirs to the prairie dogs at the zoo. Now they think their blankets are helping baby prairie dogs stay warm in the holes. (I really just handed them to the zoo keeper and winked as I said give these to the prairie dogs). Who knows where they are now. :)
Nancy Pasternak July 01, 2011 at 01:50 AM
Hmmm....well, I'm not proud to say this did happen to us once and I basically took my daughter's blanket from her and gave it to her older brother because he was more attached to it than she was at the time (they had similar blankets). Now, I'd probably let them pick out a new blanket and call it a 'vacation blanket' and hope that did the trick.
James Baer July 01, 2011 at 02:32 AM
Our Moms' council members have come up with all kinds of thoughtful ways to deal with a missing vacation blankie. We invite our readers to give their thoughts and double up on the conversation.


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