Junior to Senior, The Final High School Step

Summer's almost here, marking the end of Junior year. Here's what I have to look forward to as a Ladue High School Senior.

In exactly twelve days, Ladue High School will be officially be on summer break, and I, along with my fellow junior classmates will become seniors. I was recently asked what becoming a senior meant to me, and all I could imagine was filling out applications and finally finding out where I’ll be attending college. But watching the class of 2011 this year, I have come to find that being a senior is more than just the college application process, although that is a big part of it.

Being a senior at Ladue High School means privileges. We don’t have to fill up every class on our schedule. If we have enough credits, we qualify to request a Senior Privilege, a free hour where we can leave campus. That means we can sleep in a little longer or go home a little earlier. It means we can finally get food for lunch that isn’t just thawed and set out for us, and we can get more hours at work, which, of course, means more pay. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Along with Senior Privilege, there are plenty of traditions I’ve noticed over the years that I’m excited for.  For example, after years of speculation I’ll finally get to find out who will make the cut for Homecoming Court and Prom Court. I’ll get to put my handprint on a giant canvas with the rest of my senior class, which will hang in the halls until the class of 2013 is ready to graduate. Being a senior is about celebrating your high school experience as well as celebrating what is yet to come. I’ll get to be in the senior class picture which will hang in the school forever, and I’ll get to go on the senior field trip, wear my senior t-shirt, and, of course, the ultimate senior attire: the cap and gown.

But maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I should probably worry about getting through my final exams this year before I let my mind wander about next year. I know senior year will be a tough one, but I say bring it on.


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