I Don't Get the Pin Number Thing: So I brown-bag

What's new, Ladue? Senior year has officially begun for the class of 2012

Summer has officially come to an end and the Class of 2012
is ready to take their place at the top of the pyramid. After the intense
summer I had (another story for another time), I was all ready to start off the
school year and work hard. I have my new backpack, new school supplies, and a
new non-procrastinating attitude I’m trying on for fit. There are a few things
I’ve noticed this first week back, and (luck you) I’m going to share some of

  1. Seniors live the good life. That’s right. If you
    want the chance to sleep in or leave school early without missing a class, stay
    in school kids. I’ve got my share of Senior Reduced Schedules, and you know
    what? I don’t even feel bad about it. See below for details.

  2.  We’re
    ready to bring it. Here’s why I don’t feel bad about taking a few senior privileges:
    because my classes this year are tough. Most seniors that I’ve been talking to
    are taking three of four AP courses. For all of you that live under a rock,
    that means we’re taking college-level classes. And that also means college-level
    homework. The Class of 2012 is putting their best foot forward and working
    their—ahem—butts off to get into college.

  3. Fashion time! My favorite. I’ve been keeping my
    eye out for some top fashion trends at Ladue right now. I myself have been
    trying extra hard to not just throw on a plain old t-shirt for classes. It may
    just be me, but when I’m wearing a cute outfit, I’m more enthusiastic about
    everything I do, even when it’s something boring like running to Office Max or
    walking my dog. And here’s what I noticed: Just because school is now in
    session doesn’t mean it’s stopped being summer outside! Shorts and summery tops
    are still trending. I’ve seen a few pairs of jeans around, but that’s just
    because the school will go to any expense to keep the A/C in top notch form. I
    myself have been chilly, but refuse to accept it. It is mid-August. I will say that everyone at Ladue is especially good
    at having their own sense of style, and that style shines through every day. So
    keep up the good work, kiddos.

  4. Brand new things are popping up all over the
    school. Last year the big controversy was the new TVs in the cafeteria, and
    this year there’s a new PIN system for paying for lunch. I don’t really
    understand it, and I’ve taken to brown-bagging it so I don’t ever have to get
    it. I’ve noticed that a lot more people are bringing their lunches, too. Also
    popping up are new textbooks and teachers. For all of the new teachers:
    welcome! For all of the new textbooks: I’m really glad I can receive a textbook
    not having to wonder if the first chapter is missing (true story, happened to
    me once).

So, after a long first week of school,
I’m ready to dive in and enjoy Senior Year. It will be a great year, with a lot
of milestones, and it will be a lot of hard work and stress, but I’m up for
that challenge, and so is the rest of the Class of 2012.


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