Happy New Years to the Crew in Ladue & Frontenac

Best wishes to one and all and lots of luck in 2013.

We Hope everyone wants to read the L-F Patch in 2013.

Hmmm, I could mail greetings to one and all. Lets see, that would be .38 cents times some 11,000+. I think I will just pass out my wishes for a new years by posting on the Ladue-Frontenac Patch.

Here we go:

Mayor Anthony Bommarito, City of Ladue--Thank you for serving as mayor and as councilman for an additional 10 years. A lot was accomplished on your watch.

Mayor Keith Krieg, City of Frontenac--Here’s hoping that eyesore of the corner at Lindbergh and Clayton roads finally take on a whole new look.

Mike Woolridge, Ladue City Manager--A lot of cooperation once more from your staff.

Bob Shelton, Frontenac City Administrator--A prosperous development on the old Wright School property and no more bridges to rebuild.

Rich Wooten, Ladue Police Chief--No more deer to shoot. No more home break ins to investigate.

Tom Becker, Frontenac Police Chief--less wrecks on I-64/40. No bitter brew from August Busch, IV.

Marsha Chappelow, Ladue’s retiring superintendent. Too late for a going away party. A nice retirement in K.C.

Jayne Langsam, retiring school board prez--Thanks for tending to Ladue schools all those years.

Bridget Hermann, principal at Ladue Horton Watkins--Best of luck wherever eduction takes you next.

Andy Abbott, Burroughs Head of School--Successful completion of the performing arts and athletic centers.

Lisa Lyle, MICDS Head of School--Fewer tire marks on the parking lot of the Math & Science construction area.

Sr. Lucie Nordmann, Villa Duchesne, Head of School--Wonderful golden retirement years.

Sr. Pat Dunphy, St.Joe Academy principal--The same, a great and rewarding retirement.

Mathew Gould, Community School, Head of School--More and more bright, eager children to teach.

Gus Frerotte, Burroughs football coach--A Zeke Elliott clone.

Josh Smith, MICDS football coach--More wins in 2013.

Rick Williams, Deer Creek & Ladue Pharmacy--No more cars crashing through your plate glass windows.

Polly Lett, Imagination Toys--lots of new gizmos for eager little ones to play with.

Busch’s Grove--Hooray a new life as a lifestyle restaurant. Thank you Dee Dee and Andy Kohn.

Plaza Frontenac--More stores in, none out.

St. Louis County Library--A plaque to recognize you as the best library in the country.

Shriners Hospital for Children--A place in heaven for everyone who works and volunteers there.

Old Navy--Less shop lifting in 2013.

Jay Williamson--Warm welcome home from the PGA Tour.

Jack Kurzu, MICDS football. A starting role with the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Zeke Elliott, Burroughs football--A spot in the lineup iat the House Shoe in Columbus.

Jehu Chesson, Michigan football--A starting role with the Wolverines.

Alyssa Jensen, St. Joe volleyball--Good luck with the Cal-Berkeley Lady Bears volleyball team.

Schnuck family--a complete lineup of stores in the new Colonial MarketPlace.

And to all the fine folks in Ladue and Frontenac: Happy New Years from the Ladue-Frontenac Patch.


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