Great Flavor From a Clean Grill

Cleaning your grill takes a little time and makes a big difference for you next party.

I've been to many barbecue functions and seen a nice rack of ribs taken off the grill with several pieces left on the grill.

Some might wonder what happens to that little chunk of meat that was left to sizzle. Unfortunately, it may take until the next event to find out.

To avoid this nastiness, be sure to clean your grill regularly.

The first thing you need to clean your grill is the grill brush. Without it, you might spend the whole day scrapping the gunk off of the grill rack with your fingernail. Another item to keep by your side will be drinking water, the best defense against the summer heat.

As the master of my own pit, I think sharing the knowledge of cleaning a charcoal grill will help others in the battle for the best flavor.


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