Spring 2011 Fashion: Accessories

We track the must-have trends for women's fashion accessories this season.

Whether you're looking for accessories for everyday use or special occasions this spring, stores in Ladue and Frontenac have you covered with the latest trends.

Hot Colors: Coral and Blue

Coral and blue are the colors that seem to be dominating fashion this spring.

The best example of coral can be seen at in , where they're featuring a variety of handbags ($325-445) in the color. has a great coral necklace ($225) for those who just want a hint of the color in their look.

For blue accessories, has a great selection of vibrantly-colored headbands ($26-28) that provide a perfect pop of color.

Floral Prints and Shapes

Whether it's on jewelry, handbags, shoes or scarves, floral prints and shapes are also dominating fashion this season.

Jeanne's Women's Boutique has the best examples of this trend, with a great selection of bags ($58-258) and cuffs ($75 each) that take on floral shapes.

Codi also has a selection of earrings ($65-95) and necklaces ($245) that feature flower shapes, while Kate Spade has some adorable cloth flower-shaped rings ($55 each) that are sure to keep you in style.

Wish Shoes has a pair of platform wedge sandals ($250) that feature off-white flowers across the strap.

If you're looking for a floral print in your accessories, sells a variety of printed scarves for $118 each, in addition to a great floral-printed bag for $98.

Nude-Colored Shoes

Nude- or neutral-colored shoes are in style this spring, whether they're heels, flats or sandals.

Wish Shoes is on-trend with a variety of pairs in these colors, including a great pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels ($550) and three different styles of sandals ($100-550).

Platform Wedges

Platform wedges are great for women looking to add a little height with their shoes, and you can find pairs that are great to wear for casual looks or nicer occasions.

Kate Spade has a variety of casual styles, including pink espadrilles ($225) and a pair of white and tan sandal-style espadrilles ($298). They also have a gold sandal-style pair with a cork wedge ($198).

For a nicer pair, check out Pink Magnolia, which has off-white platform wedges ($198) that are sure to look great with a spring dress.

A lot of platform wedges tend to be in nude or neutral colors (including some at Kate Spade, Pink Magnolia and Wish Shoes), making those pairs doubly trendy this season.

Flat Sandals

For those who aren't looking for height or weight in their shoes, flat sandals are the perfect alternative to platform wedges.

Both Kate Spade and Wish Shoes have a wide variety of styles, including plain pairs and ones with intricate designs. Kate Spade has a pair of pink-strapped sandals with a large, jeweled pineapple at the center of the straps, in addition to a pair of standard, Roman-style, brown-strapped sandals ($225 each).

Flat sandals can also be doubly trendy, as a variety of pairs come in nude or neutral colors (including some at Wish Shoes). Wish Shoes has a pair of gold and snakeskin sandals ($100), in addition to a nude-colored pair that features a bunch of tiny rhinestones in the straps ($550).

Pink Magnolia has a pair of flat sandals with large blue stones on the strap ($228) that pick up on the trend of large-stoned jewelry (see below).

Large-Stoned Jewelry

Whether it's a singular one on a ring or a strand of them on a necklace, attention-grabbing large-stoned jewelry is definitely a must-have trend for this spring.

At in Plaza Frontenac, they have a great selection of David Yurman rings ($950-1,550) that showcase this. Kate Spade also has a cute necklace that features a strand of large pink stones ($295).

Gold Jewelry

If you're debating whether to get a piece of jewelry in gold or silver, gold would be the material to go with for spring 2011.

Kate Spade has a lot of pineapple-themed jewelry this spring, and all of it, including a cute necklace ($145), ring ($125) and pair of earrings ($75) are gold.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are in this season, but they don't have to be the classic strand. They can come in colors other than white, and they can come in clusters rather than the typical strands.

Codi has a great bracelet that features clusters of pearls ($55) and several pieces there combine the use of pearls and gold to great effect, including an elegant pair of gold floral earrings with pearls ($95).

Pink Magnolia has a selection of brooches ($225-330) that use pearls quite well, including a coral star that has a large pearl at the center and smaller pearls on each point of the star.

Hard-Shelled Clutches

Hard-shelled clutches (as opposed to softer, cloth-based ones) are one of the major handbag trends this season.

Kate Spade has a large, yellow epoxy-stoned clutch ($325) with their signature pineapple on top as a closure for the bag. At Pink Magnolia, they have a green wicker clutch ($128) that is both structured and fashionable.

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are great for women on the go, as they're bags that keep your hands free. They are one of the most popular trends in fashion this season as well.

Kate Spade has a great selection of these, starting with the popular Essex Scout bag ($395) in a variety of colors, including pink, white and brown. They also have the Gold Coast cross-body bag in coral for $325.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery for items that fall in with these trends and more.

Donna Hagerty Payne March 21, 2011 at 03:48 AM
You have ignored Apricot Lane, a new store in Galleria. It has unique clothes for women and teens. Stuff you don't see elsewhere in St. Louis. The clothes are fashionable with beautiful fabrics and good pricing. Check it out!
James Baer March 21, 2011 at 11:06 AM
We definitely will. However, the Galleria is in Richmond Heights, and covered by the Clayton Patch. I don't go outside Ladue or Frontenac for my coverage.
Debra C March 29, 2011 at 12:14 AM
Great article - loved the Kate Spade rings! I'm a big fan of statement pieces and noticed you didn't include watches for a must-have accessory. It's crazy how much trends have changed over the years - found this http://bit.ly/WristWatch and it has some fun trivia on watches made famous by celebrities and musicians.


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