Red L Pizza In Ladue Serves Up Delicious Designer Pizza Pies

Unassuming and cute, Red L Pizza will surprise the most finicky foodie in town.

Tucked back between two other businesses in the corner where the buildings come together,in Ladue, cute and inviting, is a walk up pizza stand and so much more. At first glance, it is easy to assume that it is a typical pizza place that serves only traditional pizza. One look at their impressive and extensive menu and you will realize it is quality food that walks the fine line of gourmet and great.

John Rice, owner of three other former restaurants, including the well-known Redel’s, created the menu. It is a culmination of some of the great foods and pizzas that were offered at his previous dining establishments.

“He has been doing this a while. Followers from Redel’s remember his chopped veggie salad,” said Caroline Rice, John’s wife who happened to be at the window.

You can order a Red L designer pizza straight off the menu, such as the Spicy Marinated Shrimp, Atlantic Smoked Salmon, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Le Luxe Chevre or any one of the numerous other designer pizzas offered or you can create your own.

The tomato, basil and mozzarella with garlic and extra virgin olive oil is particularly delicious.

All of the pizzas are thin crust, just crispy enough and topped with mozzarella cheese. Speaking of cheese, you won’t find provel on these pizzas.

If you are going to take away a pizza, ask them to par bake it. That is, to bake it to half done so you can finish cooking it in your oven at home for fresh, hot and delicious take home pizza.

If you are in the mood for something other than pizza, have a tasty salad or try a fan favorite, the Spa-Ranch Burrito. At just 300 calories you won’t have any guilt usually associated with indulging in something this heavenly. Also popular, are the Thai Chicken Wrap and the Greek Wrap, which are also healthy choices. And there are plenty of other interesting and equally great-tasting items on their menu.

“John is always experimenting. He was working with avocados the other day,” said Caroline.

Red L Pizza does not offer inside dining, it is take away only with the exception of a few tables outside. Seating is very limited and only enjoyable when weather permits. Located in the Market Place in Ladue, Red L Pizza is open daily. Sunday hours are limited to only a few hours. Beverages offered are non-alcoholic only.   

Red L Pizza is very much a neighborhood restaurant. After school, children and parents gather for a snack before dinner.

Hanging above the walk-up window is perhaps their mantra. It reads, “There’s a big difference in the big chains and the independent pizzerias.” Red L Pizza is testament to that.  


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