News Nearby: Local Harvest Starts Grocery Service

For $50, members of a food subscription service receive a week's worth of fresh and local meat, produce, eggs, dairy and more.

Patrons of Kirkwood's Local Harvest Grocery now have an easy and exciting way to try new fresh food every week. 

The organic and local grocer has started a food subscription service called "Weekly Harvest." For $50 a week, subscribers receive a box that contains a week's worth of groceries, including fresh and local meat, produce, eggs, dairy and other locally grown or produced items. Vegetarian boxes are available as well.

"It's really nice for people who want to consume local food year round and want to try new things," said Maddie Earnest, a co-owner of Local Harvest.

How It Works

Each week the Local Harvest employee heading up Weekly Harvest will send out an email to subscribers with information about where selected foods come from and menu ideas.

Subscribers pick up groceries from the Local Harvest Kirkwood location every Sunday from 2-8 p.m. During pickup days, they receive a 10 percent discount on additional shopping.

If customers finds the subscription isn't for them, Local Harvest simply asks for them to give a two-week notice that they will be discontinuing their subscriptions.

Is It Enough Food?

The service likely is too much food for one person to consume in a week but Earnest said Tower Groves subscribers who are single often split groceries with neighbors, friends or a roommate.

"Each box contains everything you need for making meals throughout the week and I have people tell me they can almost get all of their meals out of the groceries," Earnest said.

A family of four, however, might have to do some supplemental shopping to make it through the week, but Weekly Harvest gives any sized family a good start on shopping, according to Earnest.

Who Is It For?

The service definitely is good for people who want to cook and eat at home, according to Earnest.

"The subscription makes you think, 'I got all this produce, this is what I’m going to use this week,'" Earnest said. "You find ways to use what you have."

Earnest said Weekly Harvest is a perfect way to start eating fresh and local for people who don't know where to begin. A membership to Weekly Harvest for a designated amount of time also can be given as a gift.

What Subscribers Have to Say

Local Harvest Tower Grove has about 50 subscribers to Weekly Harvest, according to Earnest. The first Weekly Harvest in Kirkwood was last Sunday and the location only has two subscribers so far.

Even though the subscription service is not immensely popular, it has a loyal following. Local Harvest Tower Grove patron Donovan talks about his Weekly Harvest subscription on Local Harvest's YouTube channel.

"I love Weekly Harvest," he says. "It's easy to shop. I look forward to each new box every week. I try new things. I share with friends and family. They love the products."

Donovan says the grocery subscription service helps him eat healthier and has opened him up to new foods, notably kale and bok choy (Chinese cabbage).

"It's simply the best way to go. I'd recommend it to anybody," he says.

Readers can subscribe to Weekly Harvest by emailing weekly­harvest314@gmail.­com, calling 314-966-6566 or visiting Kirkwood's Local Harvest Grocery.

Click here to take a look at sample Weekly Harvest offerings.


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