Looking at Olympic Athletes From the Perspective of Strong Feet

Dr. Neil Snyder tells us that feet can be made stronger and "What's on his Mind."

By Dr. Neil Snyder of the Snyder Stuart Podiatry Centers:

You couldn't turn on the TV or radio or read a paper without having seen extensive coverage of the Olympics. Olympians are very talented, but what I’m most impressed with is how healthy they look, especially how strong their feet are (did you see the U.S. Gymnastics team?). As a podiatrist, I’ve seen the difference between athletes who take good care of their feet and athletes who don’t.  As all Olympians know, the health of your feet reflects the overall health of your body so it’s vital to treat your feet with the latest technology and medical equipment available, whether you’re an athlete or an armchair quarterback.

Our offices are the only ones in St. Louis to use the new, FDA-approved EPAT device (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment).  Olympians and professional athletes alike use this treatment. Now, we can offer this state-of-the-art treatment to our patients.

The EPAT device is non-invasive and emits pressure waves that stimulate metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and promotes the healing process. The EPAT device is recommended for all musculoskeletal related issues, including neck and back pain, shoulder pain, and of course, foot and ankle pain. According to a March 2012 study done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for patients with a greater than 12-month history of heel pain, EPAT can effectively treat soft-tissue damage in the heel and reduce pain.

I’ve had patients come to my office complaining about foot and heel pain. Most patients want to avoid surgery. Surgery often has a long recovery period and can be very costly. After a few treatments with the EPAT device, patients are back on their feet with little to no pain. Using the EPAT device is simple and quick, there are zero side effects and there is a very high success rate.
No wonder athletes use the EPAT to heal post-workouts.

For more information on the EPAT device, call or visit one of our three locations in Ellisville, St. Louis and Wentzville, www.feetonline.net or 636-230-3883.


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