Ladue-Frontenac Patch Offers Up Refreshing Spring Fashions

Here's a sneak preview of colorful and chic spring fashions lighting up the local landscape.

Spring fashions are rushing to town like icy winter water cascading down the Rocky Mountains.

The word is out for spring fashion and it's trifold:

  • Less is more.
  • The color spectrum is almost limitless.
  • The look is casual, yet dressy.

Fuchsia and oranges and blues are in, so too are teals, and the traditional black and white is always stately and correct.

The Ladue-Frontenac Patch is invading spring like that icy water cascading off the mountaintops.

We’ve lined up eight fashion models to feature everything from prom dresses and teen sportswear to sophisticated adult styling. Nothing will be left out.

This shopping excursion begins in Ladue Thursday at Cha Boutique and Essential Elements then heads to MACS Design and Marta’s Boutique. The final stop will be the gown rooms of Saks Fifth Avenue and Nieman Marcus at Plaza Frontenac next week.

The word is out, fashion is frilly and fun. All kinds of chic dress-up blouses and camisoles will match perfectly with a pair of jeans. Jeans are going to colors like basic tans and grays.

For the most part, skirts will be short and skimpy. Jean shorts now feature personalized monograms. After a tough, snowy winter, the light, airy spring fashions are a welcome relief.

Patch photographers are all over the place, putting these fashion shoots together. Everything will unfold next week and for the ensuing month. By then, you will have seen about everything that is hot and trendy in local fashion. About all you have to do is get out and try these outfits yourselves. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a sneak preview of our local fashion models, and some of the glorious outfits that will be photographed throughout the next couple of weeks.

James Baer March 24, 2011 at 06:32 PM
The fashions are stunning on Patch. All your favorite styles, colors, looks for spring. Where else but here. Check out fashion month on the Ladue-Frontenac Patch.


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