Establishing Business Careers Without Needing Walls or Windows

Local entrepreneurs have established unique and different services to meet the needs of now generation clients.

Likely, the days of having the same job for 50 years and earning a gold watch for retirement are long gone.

Today, the average worker will change positions nearly 10 times before retiring, if ever.

A lot of young people, just starting out in the work world are establishing jobs and services without ever having the need of offices, work spaces and other traditional trappings of the business world. Here’s a sample of individuals who offer their professional services in our local community and other places without having to establish any home office address:

Darcy Zenker, Nowfitness

This 31-year-old wife and mom of a one year old and a new resident of Warson Woods offers boot camp training to women who have recently given birth. She draws women together with a common goal of meeting other women and quickly getting back into top-notch physical shape. Her company is Nowfitness.

Zenker conducts 10 or more work out fitness training sessions per week. Her mommies group might be in one week and at the St. Louis Zoo or the St. Louis Arch grounds the next. The moms bring their kids to the workouts and get pushed in sports stollers.

“This is motivating and a fun way to keep mommy healthy and baby too,” said Zenker. If you want more information about Nowfitness, go to this website.

William Feuerbacher, Speed Play St.L.

A 26-year-old graduate of John Burroughs School and a graduate of Miami of Ohio, Feurbacher runs adult fitness classes out of his high school alma mater’s fitness center. Males come for strenuous early-morning work out sessions to burn off belly fat while rounding back into better shape.

He offers classes for weight maintenance for males and females alike. His women come to classes more on a “drop in” type schedule.

The Burroughs grad works his students hard through a series of circuit training including time on the weights, tread mill, stair master and other workout apparatus.

“I just started working out with fitness training and fell in love with the work I do,” he said. Feurbacher runs a highly successful business without overhead expenses like office space, secretaries, copy machines and the like. This is how you can find out more about Speed Play St.L.

Laura David, Olive You Nanny

This 34-year-old, who lives in the Central West End provides long term nannies for young families with a pressing need. Most of her clients are two working couple families.

She has practical experience in this niche market, having been a nanny herself in Chicago and London.

“There is no greater worry for parents than the safety and security of their young children. Making a nanny choice is no easy decision,” she said. She does the leg work to make sure young parents are very pleased with the nanny of choice.

She conducts interviews out of places like the Bread Co restaurants. She doesn’t need walls or office windows to be successful either. More about Olive You Nanny here.

Jeremy Cropf, Corner Film Productions

This Ladue Horton Watkins High School graduate, yet to reach his 30th birthday is an independent film maker. He and his cohorts recently debuted an independent film in St. Louis, “Casualties of the State.” This government-based film won an award for Best Ensemble Cast from the St. Louis Film Critic’s Association and and was accepted into a contest by the St. Louis International Film Festivals.

These days, Cropf is working in Portland, OR. He is an editor for an up and coming advertising company in Portland. He mainly travels around the Pacific Northwest, developing films for the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters Union, creating advertising campaigns for them.

At the same time, he is shuttling back and forth to New York City, doing a film about young adults with developmental disabilities. He continues to edit and produce films for his St. Louis-based film company Corner Film Productions.

So, young people can have full time, rewarding jobs without every having to check into a formal office. The world is their office, and the people on the streets are their clients.


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