EGG by Susan Lazar Comes to the MarketPlace in Ladue

High end children's clothing and age appropriate gifts are all on sale.

In 2003, New York designer Susan Lazar developed her own line of high-end newborn and infant clothing. She has kept everything on the high end of the line, and provides her designs to some 300 fashion stores in the U.S. including Saks, Nieman-Marcus and Bloomingdales.

Two years ago, Rennie Levin, her husband and daughter moved from Philadelphia to St. Louis, and she opened the third Egg’s by Susan Lazar in the County, in the MarketPlace in Ladue this past May. Patch went 1 on 1 with Levin to find about the newest boutique in the market.

Ladue-Frontenac Patch: Who is Suzan Lazar.

Levin: Susan is a designer who lives in Brooklyn. She wanted something that is fresh, modern and at affordable prices for her community.

Patch: When did you first open for business.

Levin: May 29 was our first day of business.

Patch: What line of clothing are you carrying. What is the age appropriate.

Levin: Clothes by Susan Lazar, ages birth to six years and we also carry Skip Hop toys. The toys are pretty much for ages birth to age four.

Patch: What is your background. How did you get into this type of business.

Levin: I started my first store in Philadelphia in 2007 and I have a daughter and I wanted better products that I could find anywhere so I decided to open my own store and I found the market place. I opened here because my husband (Mark Levin) moved here two years ago. He is a pediatric cardiologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

I was approached by Susan and asked if I wanted to open an Egg appropriate boutique in St. Louis and I said “sure.”

Patch: Did you feel strongly your store should be in Ladue.

Levin: Absolutely. We looked in Clayton but I felt Ladue was a much better fit. We live in the Central West End. My daughter attends New City School.

Patch: So what do you think of the MarketPlace in Ladue.

Levin: I love it. Our neighbors are wonderful, helpful and extremely welcoming and I think this is going to be a very good location for us. I think boutique shopping is definitely the way to go. I know spaces in this particular center rarely come open. A friend of mine said check out this place. She heard one space was open. I drove out here and took it right away. The landlords are fabulous people and couldn’t be more helpful. The fact there are no empty spaces in this center makes a huge difference.

Patch: So have you adjusted to life in St. Louis. Do you rush down to see the Phillies.

Levin: No comment. I don’t want to turn people off. We are great Cardinals fans (except when the Phillies are here). Ladue is very much like our neighborhood in Philadelphia. My store was in Mainline, five minutes from Villanova University.

Patch: Can moms relax and have their kids play here while they shop.

Levin: Absolutely. This is a very welcoming environment. We have a little play area (table). Nothing is off limits for kids touching it. The more interactive for the kids the better, and in the fall we will be offering classes: breast feeding support group, an art class, a little music class.

EGG by Susan Lazar: 9757 Clayton Road, MarketPlace in Ladue

Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday; closed Sunday.

Phone number: (314) 503-0092.



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