Squishy Floor Will be A Joy For Youngsters at the New Shriners Hospital for Children

This $50 million dollar state-of-the-art facility at Washington University changes forever how medical care will be delivered to children.

Moments after the Shriners Hospital for Children announced their historic move back to the medical campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Patch.com caught up with the chief architect and the Shriners medical chief of staff for their quick thoughts.

Tom VanLandingham, Christner Architects, building designers.

Patch.com: How thrilling is it to be able to work on a project of this magnitude?

 Tom VanLandingham: This is an absolutely the most exciting day once the project gets announced. When the community learned what was planned we were very excited, and this is great work to be able to do.

Patch: How has computer generated architecture made all this possible?

TV: It gives us absolutely new capabilities to be able to convey information to the contractor like we were never able to before. But we still honor in our office the ability to illustrate an idea by drawing a sketch by hand.

Patch: We understand children will enter the building on a squishy floor. What’s that all about?

TV: The floor is exactly what it says. It actually doesn’t move around when you step on it. But when you do, the colors will change. It can best be described to people of our age as a horizontal lava lamp.

Dr. Perry Schoenecker, Medical Director, St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Children.

Patch: What are the opportunities for your medical staff?

Dr. Schoenecker: The philanthropy moves on and we will be in our third hospital in our history. It will be a better way to provide the care we’ve provided the past several years.

Patch: In a sense you are going back home?

PS: Decades ago, the Shriners picked this location to go back to Washington University. This will be a great location because of our partnership with so many of our back up staff to carry on our mission.

Patch: Who makes up your surgical staff?

PS: Most of our staff are orthopedic surgeons from Washington University. We have dual roles. I spend most of my time at Shriners and Childrens Hospital and some of our surgeons are from Barnes. Our anesthesiologists, physicians, pediatricians, consultants come from the Washington University Staff.

Patch: Will this modern new facility enhance your outcomes?

PS: Indeed yes, and we are looking forward to that day.


Mary hanewall February 26, 2013 at 09:54 PM
What great news for the kids Shriners serves in St Louis!


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